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Care of

Under 18s


When applying for a course for a student under 18, the student/parent/guardian will be asked to fill in and sign a ‘Parental Consent Form’ for under-18s. Included in this form are the school emergency number, a health questionnaire, consent for taking part in social activities, photograph consent, etc.


The school does not provide 24-hour supervision and students may be unsupervised outside of lesson times. Students will travel between homestays and the school unsupervised.

If the parent/guardian agrees to the student taking part in out-of-class social activities in the evenings, the school will ensure under-18s are appropriately supervised by a member of staff.

Social Activities

The school does not provide specific activities for under-18 students. Those enrolled as adults can take part in our weekly social calendar. All activities undergo a comprehensive risk assessment and are appropriately staffed.


Summer Programme (June to August): The school provides afternoon activities every day of the week during the summer period. The programme is designed for students aged between 7 and 15 years old. All activities undergo a comprehensive risk assessment and are appropriately staffed.

The school has produced a file of activities that under-18s can take part in outside of school hours, that are age appropriate.


Students aged 16 and 17 can stay in homestay accommodation with meals. This means they will be provided with breakfast, a packed lunch and dinner or a breakfast and evening meal.

We will not be able to accommodate students under the age of 16 unless they are accompanied by a family member or a guardian that will be present in Portsmouth throughout the period of time the student is enrolled with Spinnaker School of English.

All our homestay providers we use for under-18s have been inspected by the school and are chosen for the care and attention they can give to our young students. All hosts who accommodate under-18s have a DBS check as well as two written references which are verified by the school’s safeguarding lead.

All under-18s agree to a curfew and have to sign a homestay rules agreement with their homestay. The rules are made known to the parent/guardian before enrolment, however they include rules on buying alcohol and cigarettes and the times they are expected to be home during the week and weekends.

Under no circumstances do we provide or help under-18s with independent accommodation, e.g. a flat, self-catering etc.


All our staff and homestays are responsible for the welfare and safeguarding of under-18s.

The following people at the school can help. These include:

Director of Studies/Academic Manager

The Director of Studies/Academic Manager can help with all academic enquires concerning the student’s course.

General Manager

The General Manager will be able to help and assist with any enquiries, complaints or out of school issues. The GM is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead.


The Registrar can help with day-to-day issues such as visa requirements, health issues etc.


All members of staff have a DBS check and are trained in safeguarding. Our teachers are very friendly and approachable and help to provide a safe and secure environment for our younger students. Teachers also provide tutorials and these are compulsory for under-18s.

Accommodation Officer

The Accommodation Officer finds and places students in appropriate accommodation. If a student has a problem with their homestay the Accommodation Officer can help resolve the problem.


16- and 17-year-old students enrolled as adults will join adult classes. Therefore, they will be in a class with students who are aged 18 and over.

Under 16 students will be in classes with other students of similar age and will be studying on a separate floor from the 18+ students.

Emergency Telephone Number

The school has a 24-hour emergency phone number that students, parents/guardians, homestays, etc., can call if they need help when the school is closed.


Attendance is compulsory. Students who are absent without prior authorisation will be contacted within 15 minutes of class starting if they have not arrived. The school will continue to follow this up until contact has been made with the student.

Requests for holidays additional to bank holidays and the Christmas and New Year closure, will need to be authorised in writing by the parent/guardian or sponsor.

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