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English Language



Mon to Thu

13:30 to 16:30

(15 mins break)



(Minimum 2 weeks)


10 hours/week


Any Monday

(except bank holidays)

Registration Fee
(only paid once by new students)
  • Course-book(s)

  • Entry level test (written & oral)

  • Certificate of completion

  • Student ID card

  • Access to library (Books & DVDs)

  • Free WiFi access


Minimum Age

16 Years

Average Class Size

10 students per class

Our English Language Skills courses are topic based and integrate the four skills so you can develop and gain confidence in:


  • Reading skills (skimming, scanning, inference, understanding details as well as reading for pleasure etc.)

  • Writing skills (how to write specific styles such as formal/informal emails, reviews, essays etc.)

  • Speaking skills (debating, making presentations, giving opinions, how to talk to people in certain social situations etc.)

  • Listening skills (listening for specific details, general meaning, understanding regional accents etc.)

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